Our Skills and Expertise

Since 2006, Jakisa ICT Consultancies has provided professional I.T consultancy services, Graphics, Web designing, Printing, Art and Design, Computer networking, Computer Training / Computer maintenance and repair among other services.

We are not just an ordinary I.T company, we provide a friendly and personal approach to our clients to ensure they get what they deserve.



Our Core values


Custom Apps & Design Services

We provide custom software services using emerging technologies. It means that we choose a variant that suits exactly your case. Thus, you can focus on your business targets, succeed, and do not worry about any technical issues as we ensure your software concept full realization.

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Printing and Design

Printing is a powerful tool to connect you with your customers. It is one of the tools that enhance your company image and strengthen customer bonds. Be it a 10 page newsletter or a 100 page magazine we have the capabilities to provide custom publishing solutions that guarantee results. We integrate well written content with great design to ensure that you deliver communications that is relevant, eye catching, engaging and entertaining.

As a company we work with a wide variety of clients that cover all walks of life. At our core we are creative people which is important to every project we undertake.

Design the Solution to your needs

We focus on the ideas of our clients to drive their brands forward by understanding the importance of budgets, adding value and generating a return-on-investment.


We hold stakeholder discussions for project visions and goals, Brand strategy, measure of success and the project priority.


We go through the mood board, Site mapping, Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping to view what the final product will look like.


At this stage, we have identified the most suitable technology that can be used to address your needs. We choose the most suitable and efficient option to develop the product.


Testing is an iterative process. We test the product at each state hence ironing out wee bit niggles as early as possible. After all this, you get a complete product that will stand in different environments bravely.